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Time to tell the FDA that your pets are your family!Be an Advocate for Your Pet's Food

Are your pets your family?  Are you concerned with the food that you feed your furry family members? It's time to step up and voice your concerns.

Susan Thixton of has been monitoring the new proposed FDA regulations concerning the manufacturing and warehousing of pet food and animal feed.  The operative word is "proposed"; the FDA has not decided completely if the future laws will be the same as the "proposed" rules.  Thixton reports that the FDA is asking for comments from consumers, ingredient suppliers, pet food/animal feed manufacturers and stakeholder groups (such as lobby groups representing industry).  The agency says they will take into consideration everyone's comments (such as if industry complains that they just can't keep equipment clean or they need five years to establish record keeping.)  What this means is, if pet food consumers don't tell the FDA how they feel...guess who's comments they will be listening to??  INDUSTRY!!

It's super easy:  Tell the FDA your pets are your family.  You expect pet food to be:

  • Made with the same quality ingredients…
  • Held to the same good manufacturing practices…
  • Held to the same transportation practices…
  • Warehoused the same…
  • And labeled the same…

…as food for any other member of your family would consume.

Tell the FDA your pets are your family!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: take five minutes and fill out the comment form on the website.  At the bottom of the form under "Category," select 'Individual Consumer' or 'International Public Citizen' if you are outside the U.S.

The time is now; we have this one chance.  Let's show the FDA how important are pets are to us.  Please ask every pet owner and animal lover you to know to give their comments as well.  Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, forums, through email…everywhere. Tell the FDA your pets are family!

If you'd like to read more about the proposed regulations, here are links for: