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Heatlhy Paws now offering pet first aid classes at Zoom Zoom Room Sherman Oaks!Now Offering Pet First Aid Classes For San Fernando Valley Pet Owners!

Healthy Paws has paired up with Zoom Zoom Room Sherman Oaks to begin offering pet first aid classes to dog and cat lovers in the San Fernando Valley!  This exciting venture commences with the first 4 hour pet first aid class on Sunday March 9th, 2014 at 3:00pm. 

Healthy Paws has a few opening for new dog-walking clients in west LA!Healthy Paws Has Openings for West Los Angeles Dog Walking Clients!

Call to reserve your midday or afternoon walks today.

Is your dog tearing things up in your house while you're at work or school? Cat crapping outside the litter box cause you're never around? Does your pet have medical issues and needs meds given at a certain time? Need help with your new puppy crate training?  Got the guilts because you can't give your animal the exercise they need at the time that they need it? We can help! 

Healthy Paws now offering new pet first aid/CPR classes for 2014!New Pet First Aid, CPR & Care Classes for 2014!

Register NOW to save your spot!

You don't have to hold your breath any longer!  New pet first aid, CPR and care classes are now being offered by Healthy Paws in the greater Los Angeles area, specifically Santa Monica, Echo Park and Pasadena.

The class offered in both Echo Park and Pasadena is the 4-hour Pet First Aid/CPR course and is being hosted by K9 Loft.  The Santa Monica class, hosted by Santa Monica College, is the 8-hour PetSaver course comprised of Pet First Aid/CPR, Caring for Your Senior Petizen and Dental Health for Your Pet.

Time to tell the FDA that your pets are your family!Be an Advocate for Your Pet's Food

Are your pets your family?  Are you concerned with the food that you feed your furry family members? It's time to step up and voice your concerns.

Susan Thixton of has been monitoring the new proposed FDA regulations concerning the manufacturing and warehousing of pet food and animal feed.  The operative word is "proposed"; the FDA has not decided completely if the future laws will be the same as the "proposed" rules.  Thixton reports that the FDA is asking for comments from consumers, ingredient suppliers, pet food/animal feed manufacturers and stakeholder groups (such as lobby groups representing industry).  The agency says they will take into consideration everyone's comments (such as if industry complains that they just can't keep equipment clean or they need five years to establish record keeping.)  What this means is, if pet food consumers don't tell the FDA how they feel...guess who's comments they will be listening to??  INDUSTRY!!

Here are six ways you can help the animals in Los Angeles' city shelters6 Ways You Can Help Los Angeles' Shelter Pets

As a pet care professional, I feel like it's my duty to give back to the animals since I make my living off them. Before I had my daughter last year, I would volunteer at the West LA Animal Shelter, performing such activities as cleaning kennels, walking dogs and handling animals at a mobile pet adoptions. Since having the baby and have ZERO available time, the way I currently volunteer is by networking the dogs at the shelter (with the help of Mirja Bishop and the other volunteers) on the Hounds Needing Homes of this website and our Healthy Paws' Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Since you're on this website, you obviously care about the welfare of animals so you may wonder how you can help the over 57,000 animals taken in by the LA City Shelters each year.

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