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Start Your Own Animal Rescue and Save Lives!

Create Your Own Rescue CenterThinking about starting our own animal rescue organization and have no idea how to start?  Started your own rescue and not sure how to take it to the next level?  Check out the Rescue Central page of for an A-Z of resources.

Natural Pet Foods has recalled several of their products due to possible Salmonella contamination.

Natura Pet Food Recall -
Possible Salmonella Contamination


Natura Pet Foods announced the first recall in the company's 21 year history a couple days ago.  During a recent random sampling, the FDA found the presence of Salmonella in one of their products.  As a result, Natura has voluntarily recalled a number of their products as a precautionary measure.  No illnesses have been reported to date.  Natura have confirmed that this is not a widespread issue.

Pet Tech is the first international training center for pet first aid and care.So Who the Heck Is Pet Tech Anyway??

If you've moseyed around my website, you may have see that the family of pet first aid programs that I teach were created by a company called Pet Tech.  And you're wondering who the heck is Pet Tech?  Well, lemme tell ya'!  Pet Tech is the first international training center for pet first aid and care.  Theirs are the most comprehensive pet programs on the planet.  Pet Tech and their international network of instructors (including me) promote caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet ownership.  Their mission statement is "improving the quality of pet's lives, one owner at a time."

Help Downtown Dog Rescue win $5000 in the Tamagotchi Life Hometown Hero contest!Please Help Downtown Dog Rescue Win $5,000!

Tamagotchi Life Hometown Hero Contest


Lori Weise, Downtown Dog Rescue Founder, has been nominated as a Tamagotchi Life Hometown Hero!  If she wins the most votes, Downtown Dog Rescue will win $5,000!  We need your help to win!

Nine reasons a pet owner should use a professional pet sitter9 Reasons Pet Owners Should Use Professional Pet Sitters for Their Pet Care Needs

Is it me, or is everyone in Los Angeles originally from somewhere else?  And doesn't it seem that everyone, especially those that live in West Los Angeles, has a pet?  Hang around the Westside a bit and you'll see dogs getting walked everywhere.  You'll also see the occasional cat cruising by so I'm sure there are plenty more kept inside.

So, what are these Los Angelians to do with their pets when they have to "go back home" for visiting and various other family duties?  Get your friend to watch your cat?  Have the neighbor kid feed and walk your dog?  No way, man!  Not unless you want to open up a potential can of worms!  Get yourself a pet care professional and here's the top reasons why:

9. Your neighbors and friends may like your pet, but that doesn't mean they want to take care of it or that they would take care of it in the manner that you'd prefer.  And do you want to ruin your relationship with them if your pet isn't cared for in the way that you want them to be?

8. Pet sitting done in your home gives your house that occupied look, discouraging would-be burglars from ransacking your home.  Pet sitters also keep an eye out for unexpected home emergencies, such as pipes bursting, or can let scheduled repairmen into your home.

7.  Pet sitters typically watch your pets in your home, which allows your animal to stay in familiar surroundings.  This can be most beneficial for pets that don't like the company of other animals or being caged in a strange place.  Some pet sitters offer cage-free boarding in their homes, which can be better for your younger or geriatric pets that need more necessary supervision.

6. Pet sitters are experienced in taking care of different types of pets, from dogs and cats to ferrets and rats to snakes and lizards…they've seen and dealt with it all.

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