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Juliet is available for adoption at West Los Angeles Animal Shelter“Juliet” Is A Beauty!

ID# A1467952

Juliet is one of the most stunning dogs you will ever see!  She is an 8 month old, female Labrador Retriever mix.  She weighs 48 pounds. She had a family at one time but they just isn’t want her anymore.  Juliet is still a puppy; she needs the stability of an owner willing to work with her and be there for her as she matures.

Besides being a stunning dog to look at, Juliet is, as one volunteer describes her, “super sweet.”  She is a submissive dog who craves the attention of her person.  She is a medium-energy dog who is easy to walk.  She just needs a little more leash training.  She has a tendency to stop while being walked on-leash.  With encouragement and praise, she resumes walking.

Juliet is very anxious to please and craves rewards for her behavior.  She likes treats and has a soft mouth so she will be easy to work with and train.  One of her greatest joys in the yard is to climb onto the bench next to the volunteer and snuggle in her lap.  She craves human attention very much.

Juliet need a home…the right home with people willing to work with her.  She need a forever home!!!  When contacting the shelter for more information about Juliet, be sure to use her ID# A1467952 as a reference.  Photo/video credit:  Debbie Fan, Twitter @blackjackbarks

West Los Angeles Animal Shelter

11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064
Phone:  310-207-3266
Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday 8a-5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm