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Healthy Paws now offering new pet first aid/CPR classes for 2014!New Pet First Aid, CPR & Care Classes for 2014!

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You don't have to hold your breath any longer!  New pet first aid, CPR and care classes are now being offered by Healthy Paws in the greater Los Angeles area, specifically Santa Monica, Echo Park and Pasadena.

The class offered in both Echo Park and Pasadena is the 4-hour Pet First Aid/CPR course and is being hosted by K9 Loft.  The Santa Monica class, hosted by Santa Monica College, is the 8-hour PetSaver course comprised of Pet First Aid/CPR, Caring for Your Senior Petizen and Dental Health for Your Pet.

Healthy Paws is also offering the 4-hour Pet First Aid/CPR class at a new location:  Toledo, Ohio!  We're really excited about this new offering, hosted by the PetMassage school.  All class tuition will be collected by their respective hosts, and students receive a class workbook and a completion certificate.  Healthy Paws is certified to teach Pet Tech pet first aid & care classes, the world's first international training center dedicated to CPR, first aid and care for dogs and cats.

If these class dates, times or locations don't work with your schedule, call Healthy Paws at 310-314-7745 or email at to discuss the possibility of a private pet first aid class...we can work with your schedule! Whether you're a pet owner, rescue volunteer, groomer, dog walker or other pet care professional, this class is a must-have in your pet care repertoire.  Be sure to sign up early for these classes as they do sell out!