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PetSaver™ Pet CPR, First Aid and Care Course Information

PetSaver™ Pet CPR, First Aid and Care Course
(8 hour class) – $120

PetSaver™ = CPR and First Aid + Caring for Your Senior Pet-izen™ + Dental Care for Your Pet. This class is "purr-fect" for pet owners and pet care professionals.

Class tuition includes workbook. Each participant receives a completion certificate.
Lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice covers:

  • Heat Injuries / Cold Injuries
  • Rescue Breathing
  • CPR
  • Choking Management
  • Wellness / Injury Assessment
  • Assessing Your Pet's Vitals
  • Situations Requiring Veterinary Care
  • Poisoning
  • Bleeding Protocols
  • Bites and Stings
  • First Aid Kit Contents
  • Snout-to-Tail Assessment
  • Dental Care for Your Pet
  • Caring for Your Senior Peti-zen™










Created by Pet Tech*, the PetSaver™ pet CPR, first aid and care course is the most highly regarded course in the industry and recommended by these professional industry organizations: Pet Sitters International, International Association of Canine Professionals, PetSit USA, Six Figure Pet Sitting Academy, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, United Animal Nations.

The PetSaver course is packed FULL of up-to-date, comprehensive information designed to increase the quality of your pet's life by increasing your awareness of the requirements of being a caring, conscientious pet owner. You know the saying "You don't know what you don't know"? Our goal is to get you "in the know" in regards to your pet's health and longevity.

Pet Tech™ is the first international training center for pet first aid, CPR and care. The Pet Tech mission is to "improve the quality of the pets' lives, one pet owner at a time."™



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PetSaver™ Phone App

The new PetTech™ PetSaver™ App is available for the Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Windows 7 phones.

It’s like having “A PetSaver in your Pocket™.” With a push of a button and a swipe of your finger you will have instant access to your pet’s health and safety.

The short video will show you some of the important features of the new PetSaver app.


For details, videos and information on the PetSaver™ Phone App visit the Phone App Page




Actual Students taking the PetSaver™ Class from Healthy PawsActual Steudent Taking PetSaver™ Course