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Healthy Paws Send a Friend Referral Program

Get a free PetSaver™ First, Aid, CPR and Care Certification Course with the Healthy Paws Send a Friend referral Program!

For every person you refer to Healthy Paws that takes the PetSaver™ course, you receive $10 off your next course. Refer 12 people and get your next PetSaver™ course FREE!

How it works:

• Tell all the pet lovers you know to call Healthy Paws at 310-314-7745 to register for a PetSaver™ pet first aid, CPR and care certification course, and give your name and phone number as the person who referred them.

• Once your referral has completed the PetSaver™ course, you’ll receive a phone call from Healthy Paws letting you know that you have earned a $10 credit toward your next PetSaver™ course. You’ll earn a $10 credit for each and every referral who takes the course…six referrals, $60 off; 12 referrals, get the course for FREE.Use your credit to renew your PetSaver™ certification every two years or you can convert your referrals to a gift certificate to give someone else - your choice!

So, tell all your fellow pet lovers to call 310-314-7745 today! And thanks for recommending could be saving an animal's life!

* Please note: All gift certificates good toward PetSaver™ classes conducted through Healthy Paws only. Gift certificates are NOT good on PetSaver™ classes conducted through third-party providers (i.e. Santa Monica College, West LA College, etc...). Please call Healthy Paws if you have any questions.

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